Become a writer. For real.

You've already achieved a lot in your career and your personal life, but you've wanted to make a change forever. You'd really like to be a freelance writer - one who isn't starving - but you have no idea how to go about it.

It's absolutely possible to make excellent money writing for businesses that need high-quality content. Not only that, you can call your own shots in terms of when and where you write, shaping your work to fit your lifestyle rather than the other way around. Imagine having plenty of time for the people and pursuits that matter most to you.

It's not rocket science; you just need the know-how. Start today.


Writing Moxie.

A self-paced online course that will teach you everything you need to build and launch a successful content writing business from the ground up.

Manage Your Business

Learn the secrets to finding and landing lucrative clients and growing a real writing business that supports you and your family.

Manage Your Time

Learn how to spend more time writing and less time on piddly timewasters that don't enrich your life or make you money.

What You Get


Nine self-paced video lessons with full PDF transcripts, along with worksheets and other bonus resources and tools. Learn how to set up your freelance business step by step. 


Real-life samples of introductory emails that have resulted in thousands of dollars' worth of freelance writing business.


Expert guidance on how to pick a highly lucrative writing niche you enjoy (and, conversely, which niches and markets to avoid like the plague).


Mindset training that allows you to get inside the heads of your clients and anticipate their needs so you become both confident and invaluable.  

Writing Moxie Is For:

Successful professionals

You have achieved success in your field, enjoy writing, and want to make it the focus of your professional life.

Busy people

Kids, pets, and hobbies suck up a lot of time. Writing Moxie helps you launch a successful writing career in the most efficient way possible.

Eager learners

Even if you're already an excellent writer, you need a number of additional skills in order to make a good living at it. 

Resilient doers

Launching a business is not for the faint of heart. You need to be prepared to fail many times and get up just once more than that.

Writing Moxie Is NOT For:

Creative writers

Poems, novels, and essays are all beautiful and worthy pursuits, but Writing Moxie is designed for people who want to make a living writing for businesses.


Writing Moxie does not teach any writing skills. You don't need to be a master wordsmith, but you do need a good grasp of the fundamentals. 


Being a Jack (or Jill) of all trades has its advantages, but it's hard to succeed as a professional writer if you're not willing to choose a small number of areas to specialize in.


Yes, you can write from anywhere, but you do need to put in the time. Writing Moxie works only if you do. 

Jen Carsen


I'm Jen Carsen

Founder, Writing Moxie

I was a very unhappy employment lawyer for a very brief period of time, until I broke free and became a professional content writer.

Let me be clear: I was such a bad lawyer that hanging in and toughing it out was not an option. I needed to quickly pivot and figure out another way to support myself (and, eventually, my family). 

Over the past two-plus decades, I have written for various online and print publications and built a six-figure business doing so.

I've also worked on the other side of the business, as a managing editor who hires freelance writers, so I know what companies are looking for and how to help you stand out.

I'm excited to teach you everything I've learned over the years so you can fast-track your writing career and avoid the (many) mistakes I made. It's utterly doable -- you just need a path to follow.

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